Dragon Boat
for Schools

 Dragon Boat is a new teaching tool for schools.

Our boats are real floating classrooms, with up to 22 students each. On board, we combine outdoor sports with values directly related to culture, tradition, solidarity and nature; and all this in a healthy and inclusive environment.

The objective of the activity:

1. Discover Banyoles Lake and its main natural features

2. Foster the values of teamwork and respect for the environment

3. Enjoy a day of sport and nature in a privileged environment

4. Know the history and learn the technique of the Dragon Boat

Activity Content


Introduction of Dragon Boating


Instruction of technique and safety Protocols


Practice in the water

Time allocated for the initiation

Coordination exercises and discovery of the environment

Final regatta between participants


Award ceremony

Delivery of diplomas

Example planning

10:00 Arrival at the facilities + breakfast

11:00 Dragon Boat initiation activity+ competitions

12:30 Collaborative team building games

13:15 Award ceremony + farewell

Additional information

This is a proposal for a half-day Dragon Boat activity. The schedule can be modified depending on the customer’s needs. We can also offer you activities in the afternoon.Consult us for all the possibilities!